So here's the deal;

While I've been doing this for quite a while, I'm mostly known for my photography in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, as quality digital cameras become more and more common and publication standards plummet (mostly due to economics) it has become extremely difficult to earn a living in that arena. I'll still be doing that work under my own name but have decided to develop another brand under which I'll press other work into play.

Enter "DropDead Images." So why "DropDead Images" and not just "Al Graham Photography" like so many others? Because the vision for the company is to build into a full-service studio under which a few select photographers and other professionals involved with image production can work. Eventually you (and individual, company, or agency) should be able to approach DDI for a consultation on your project and end up with a finished image in whatever deliverable format your require. Each image requires a team. Some combination of photographers, assistants, producers, models, stylists, hair dressers, and/or makeup artists. By eliminating any individual name from the company name DDI can better reflect the team concept.