"How much do you charge per hour?"
We don't. We charge by deliverable.
You're hiring us to deliver images. How long it takes to produce them is irrelevant. As long as you get images you need at a price with which you're satisfied, do you really care if it took one hour or eight?
Hourly rates also wouldn't include production or licensing costs which are often the largest expenses.

"We don't have a budget for photos, wont you work for the great exposure you'll get?"
This may sound a bit harsh, but we don't really need your "exposure".
We want mutually beneficial, productive relationships with clients. We try to behave with integrity, honesty and fairness, and our expect clients will do likewise. Exposure is the end of that process, not a means. Similarly with bylines. If free matters more than good, we know a few amateurs we can recommend.


"What can I do to get the best photos at my session?"
Good question.
1) drink plenty of water for a few days before. I mean LOTS. This is the best thing you can do for your skin.
2)If you're getting your hair cut, do it a few days before your shoot to give it time to grow out a bit.
3) fingers and toes, ladies, fingers and toes. Save that fancy nail job for after the shoot. Keep them simple for your session. The sparkly crazy tips just come out looking like something is wrong with your fingers in the photos. If you do "french manicures" make it a more neutral color than the bright white. And please, please don't come with chipped up bright orange toenails (this happens WAY more than you think).
4) Keep the hair and makeup very simple. Makeup tends to be darker under the strobes than in ambient light because it reflects differently than your skin. The cheaper the makeup, the more evident this is. Save the cheap stuff for the clubs. Also remember, it's easier to put more on than to take it off.
5) It's kind of sad that we actually need to say it, but don't go out partying all night before your session. Try to come well rested.

"Do you do full production, or just the photography?"
Either/or. If you have you own production staff, we can just be the photogs. If you just want the finished product and don't want to control how we got there, we (and our associates) can handle the entire production. We will ask that you assign someone as Art Director. This person will have authority to make decisions on your behalf.